Don’t be shy!

I had to go and get some groceries today, and whilst sitting in Lei’s Cafe at The Waterfront enjoying a coffee with no wife nor kids, I noticed a couple of people kept glancing furtive glances my way.

Either I’m one scary looking guy, or they were working out if they had read my blog, and trying to figure out if it was me or not, and wondering if they should ask..

Ask! Shout me a coffee or a beer, I don’t mind! πŸ™‚

I answer so many questions, send lots of emails, and yet so many people rock up to Port Moresby and then never say Hi once they get here.

So if you see a tattooed kiwi (I have a large maori tattoo on my left forearm), sometimes wearing an All Blacks cap, commonly wearing rasta jandals, more often than not with a wife and 3 kids – girl10,boy8,girl3 – and always drinking coffee. Then don’t be scared, come share your story and let me know if this blog helped you out, and if there is something that you can add – how about a guest post πŸ™‚

We are often sitting down at the Sails Cafe area (Yacht Club) on a Friday evening supervising our children playing whilst enjoying a cool SP or two – none of our friends bite either πŸ™‚


21 thoughts on “Don’t be shy!

  1. You’re the least scariest person out there, I’m sure you’ll make more friends soon enough….But heres a smile and a hug to get you started……

  2. I would buy you a beer and say Hi but as I am still in Aust that’s a bit hard, a bit about me many years ago 1964 I was employed as a clerk at Rouna Cordial factory , and played Rugby League with DCA MY PHOTO would be up on the wall as part of the 1967 winning team Iwas also employed at a different time as manage at the BPS single mens quarters in Scrarcerly road Badili

    see yu Joe

  3. Hey Aaron, am interviewing at the moment to come up there. Thanks for the insight into expat life in PNG. One question. Do you use Skype / FaceTime to video call back home from up there?

    • Hi Brent, we use Skype to voice call – and sometimes video call depending on the speed. Things have certainly picked up here with internet costs, but it is still very expensive – and can be pretty damn slow at times. It’s all a bit hit and miss depending on who you have as an ISP. You might have a fast connection – but costs heaps, or a slow one – that doesn’t πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Aaron, Thanks a lot for your blog. I got a job in PNG and should be coming to the country in few months. Your blog helps me a lot. I was getting a mixed information about the country. Now it is much clearer what to expect.

  5. Hi there,

    I am coming to POM on the 13th and Lae on 16th! i am a guy from hong Kong.

    how about a beer on Sunday night?


  6. Hi Aaron,

    Wanting to email you for advice on living and working in Port Moresby. My boyfriend has received a job offer to live and work in Port Moresby. We are seriously considering it, not only due to the tempting salary, but also due to the adventure and cultural experiences.

    I have a lot of questions and a few concerns and would love the chance to run through them all with you if you don’t mind.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards,


  7. Hey Aaron,
    Love your blog mate it has helped me out no end.

    I have just signed a 3 yr contract to work up in POM, pending physical and visa approval. The start date that I have been given is late November/early December. I have got what I think is a really good package to come and work in PNG and I am really looking forward to the adventure.

    This blog has helped my wife and I out in making our decision for me to go and work in PNG. Nothing negative like I have seen elsewhere all positive and some great tips, keep up the good work mate. We really liked the what to bring, the cost breakdown and Tok Pisin πŸ™‚

    They haven’t given me the name of where they will be putting me up yet as they have quite a few new people starting at the same time. I have got a company car as part of my package, so what are the driving conditions like in POM?

    Also will need to research the internet situation as well. I have a friend heading up there this week and she will be doing some digging around for me too. So any further help would be appreciated.

    I understand the shops are pretty well stocked with the basics so no probs there.

    Apart from that I think I am good to go. Mentally my bags are packed, just a few loose ends to tie up.

    If you are still around I will have to catch up with you and shout you a beer or three to say thanks for the very informative info on your blog.

    Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to exhange any details.


    • Steve, thanks for the great comments. There are lots of negative things about PNG, I am in the process of posting one soon, however the positive I believe hugely outweighs the negative, just hit the place with an open mind πŸ™‚

      Lots of things are improving here in POM, including the potholes in the streets, however we are still quite dry here, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the roads when the rain hits. It better come soon, as it is pretty damn warm at the moment πŸ™‚ need something to cool the place down.

      Internet is changing every day, I am sure that you will find options to suit. No where need as good as other countries, but compared to a couple of years ago – it’s not bad πŸ™‚

      What company will you be working for?

      • Hey Aaron,

        Thanks for replying to my post.

        I am coming over with an open mind, although some of my family members have been shocked at the news and still have visions of natives running wild and the lawlessness of the place. I am under no illusions that the place itself still has those elements and most places in the world do, maybe not to that extent. There are places here in Brisbane that I don’t feel comfortable walking around at night. I work in Fortitude Valley and two guys got stabbed there the other week, so danger is everywhere in the world in almost every city you just have to vigilant of your surroundings.

        Just didn’t want to make it to public only because the company I am hoping to work for have asked me not to disclose anything so until I have the job, medical and visa outstanding. It Is a largish company that employs close to 2000 people throughout PNG.

        About 8 weeks to go and counting. Love to catch up with you and other like minded expats when I am in town.


      • Hey Aaron, I read your last entry, pretty sad stuff especially when kids are involved.

        I am still waiting on my work permit and then to get the visa. Seems like an eternity. The worst part is at present I am doing some contract work here in Brisbane to keep money coming in before I make the leap of faith πŸ™‚ Well they want to talk about offering me a full time position here, it makes it a bit difficult to say no when I feel I am in a bit of limbo. In your experience have you ever found anyone knocked back for a work permit & work visa??

        Mentally bags packed and I am already there but just have this nagging in the back of my mind that I won’t be issued a work permit. Weather warming up I bet too πŸ™‚

        Well hope to meet you soon mate. Take care.

        Cheers Steve

        On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 8:29 AM, A Kiwi Expat in PNG wrote:

        > kiwiexpat commented: “Steve, thanks for the great comments. There are > lots of negative things about PNG, I am in the process of posting one soon, > however the positive I believe hugely outweighs the negative, just hit the > place with an open mind πŸ™‚ Lots of things are improvin” >

      • Hey mate. Work permit approved. Visa application on Monday, start date 17th December. All starting to come together. Just getting all my injections on Monday as well.

        Accommodation, all they have told me is ‘Brand new accommodation has been sorted, initially you will need to bring with you your own towels and queen bed sheets’. So I still have no idea where it is located, I guess I will find out in a few weeks. I will be using your list of what to bring along as well and seeing what else I need to take with me.

        Getting closer. I can see a farewell bbq and drinks here in the coming weeks.

        Cheers Steve

      • Hi Aaron, Well just been told today that there is a back log of visa applications so I have been bumped back to head up on the 8th of Jan instead of 17th December.

        Also my accommodation is in Boroko. Is this area ok? From what I can see and read online it appears ok but a bit of a drive to get to the CBD or anywhere else 😦 I am going to try and find out exactly where in Boroko and if it is a compound or what security it my or may not have. Is this area elevated? It looks like it may be from some photos and google maps.

        Well getting closer. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and I look forward to meeting you in the new year. Hope you can give me a bit of a tour around if its not too much trouble.

        Cheers Steve

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