Edge by the sea – Cafe review

The Edge (now known as “The Edge by the Sea“) is located at the far end of Edge Apartments, and looks out towards the Yacht Club and harbour.  We will still call it The Edge – cause that’s just what what we do.  Certainly one of my go to places, the coffee is great, food is above average but the service can be a little under pressure sometimes.  

The Edge cafe has gone through a few transformations, and is one of the first places to open in the morning for coffee at 6am.  Although you have to park at the entrance to the compound and walk, it gives you a great feeling of safety, and quite frankly we sit here and we really could be anywhere in the world – take the hint Dan and the team – hammocks and coffee 😉

I remember at the opening of the Edge, the food was a bit hit and miss.  But now it’s one of the more consistent places.

Our kids love the milkshakes and being pretty much regulars have the staff beaming at them.  Quite often this is quiet, but happy hour for drinks on Fridays used to liven the place up, and you can book out parts of it for bookings – we had Jacinta’s 40th here and everyone remarked how good the food was, and how awesome the setting was.

The Edge is having another refurbishment – so will post photos once it’s done, here is the notice:


3 thoughts on “Edge by the sea – Cafe review

  1. Well Moresby is getting civilized. Have you tried any of the expeditions ? We went to Hula by four wheel drive through washed out roads and back by Lakatoi canoe. Great laugh for a dozen of us. Pacific Expeditions were great, fed us and took good care of us we only had to ensure we did not run out of beer. Overnight stay on the beach en route.

    • Don’t really need expeditions nowadays it’s very easy to drive down to Hula :). There are a number of places that you can stay out of Moresby, but it’s not like the old days – can’t just go camp by the river or on the beach anymore…

      • We had two guards posted on the beach so safety wise was just as bad then. The expedition was fun, the road was washed out we had to tow the bus out of the mud with a four wheel drive and all get muddy then jump in the creek to wash. The snorkelling over the coral was awesome too. Got some photos of it on my blog.

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