Shopping at the Supermarket

We tend to shop at Waterfront Foodworld, although it has a small premium on most goods compared to other supermarkets, but you really can’t beat the convenience of it just down the road.  Here is a selection of goods, to convert from PGK to your currency, either use Google, or

Oreo’s – vanilla K3.80
Oreo’s – Chocolate K4.40
2 minute Maggi noodles K6.60 for pack of 5
Palmolive big bottle dishwashing – K11.95
Heinz Baked Beans (standard can) K4.50
Arnott Cheese & Bacon Shapes K9.50 (on sale)
Kleenex 12pk toilet paper K19.90 (on sale, normally K30)
ETA Potato Chips -big packet K9.50
UHT Milk 1 litre K4.95
Olive Grove spread 375gm K9.30
Wattles chunky frozen chips K14.35
Beef Eye Fillet 600gm K45.57
Apples (packet of 10) K11.53
Sliced bread – fresh K5.95

I’ll post another sample next week 🙂

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