Ela Beach Craft Markets Port Moresby PNG July 2012

I purchased a new lens for my Sony NEX-5N camera in Thailand (55-210) makes it a little  easier to take photos at the markets as I don’t like standing there pretending to be a tourist…. 🙂

I did include a photo of Xaria with her new Bilum (string bag) that we bought from the markets.  Location: a little coffee trip to Duffy’s (our sanity coffee shop) 🙂

Aussie TV in PNG

The worst thing here in PNG is having to put up with bloody Aussie TV… Really, I don’t get The Block, Home and Away should have been canned many years ago, and Aussie’s funniest Home Videos??? C’mon Australia – where the bloody hell are ya! You’ve copied US, British and Kiwi TV and quite frankly done a shit job at it.It’s sad – that we have to watch it here…. And so, TV ends up revolving around Discovery, Discovery Turbo, emtv, and the movie channels.What we want to see: Outrageous Fortune, Sparticus, you know – tv shows that are different… Poor PNG having to put up with this, and c’mon Aussie’s if you think I’m being harsh – let me know the best TV shows so that I can actually get entertained….And onto the biggest rant ever: the All Blacks vs Ireland rugby test this evening isn’t on free TV in Aussie (or PNG). wtf!! Union is bigger than AFL, or League – and only fox sports (which we can’t get here) is showing it… Wouldn’t be so bad if I could stream it, but with the cost of Internet….I always thought that kiwi TV was backward, until your only selection is 20 odd Australian channels… I’ll take tv1, 2 & 3 any day now 🙂

Port Moresby update

 I looked at my blog the other day…  Holy shit, I hadn’t blogged in quite a wee while, and there has been so much excitement going on here in Moresby…  Need to get my mojo back … busy busy work and life – you know…  It has been very hard over the past few months with malaria, but my energy is starting to return – and the memory is improving…

So, where to start – the freeway is open (temporary bridge), the kids went on school holidays and are now back at school, every Wednesday night! Peter and myself try our luck at winning prizes at the RPYC ( we sink a few beers as well ).  I have been told that I am responsible for making Port Moresby sound like paradise ( viewpoint people ), I have finally got 2 weeks holiday booked in June ( Gold Coast baby ), I had most of my team around for a BBQ and drinks – which turned into a 1:30am finish with Xavier giving up his bed, and a spare brought out too.  That night there was a shoot out just down on the main road in front of us.  Bang!  “gunshot” “yup” Bang! Bang! Bang! “police” “oooohhhhhh”. Yeah – it was one of those funny drunken conversations with not many words…

this week we had about 10000 people march on parliament as the government had voted last week to defer the elections.  Even though it was a peaceful march, it was marred by rioting by thugs, looting, rock throwing and general unlawfulness (around the edges, by rascals taking advantage of the situation).  It started at Koki, just down the road from home, so sent a text to Jacinta “riots at Koki, tell all to stay home”. She got the message 🙂

the funniest thing happened the other day.  Xaria had wandered up the stairs headed for the garage (our apartment is upside down), when she started screaming.  So I wander over and check and she is looking at me, still screaming.  Up the stairs I go to calm her down, and once I got to her she started looking down the stair and kept on screaming.  I looked down the stairs into the lounge, and there was a toy frog, you know – one of those oversize ones that you get at toy shops, sitting on the floor.  So I yelled out to Xavier to pick up his toy, he comes out and starts yelling FROG!  I pick Xaria up, go down the stairs and find Jacinta climbing up onto the kitchen bench screaming (she doesn’t do bugs).  It wasn’t a toy!  But it was bloody HUGE…  I put it outside – no harm done, but the older kids keep teasing Xaria with “where’s the frog”…  lol. She is going to turn out like her mother…


Enough for now,

Later – Aaron

Thunder Lightning Rain

Last night the kids were shitting themselves, the lightning and thunder were incredible, with thunder claps like I have never heard before.  The rain teemed down, creating huge potholes everywhere.  Last week, the rain on Wednesday night washed out one land of the freeway, creating a 5 metre deep hole, today – apparently – all 4 lanes of the freeway have been washed away. Think of a four lane highway….  with a washout from one side to the next…

Billy came in with some photos showing how a 20ft container had been moved by the rain out by his place – metres and metres – floating…

incredible (didn’t I already say that?)

Billy never made it to work yesterday – all the partying on Saturday night (bride price) had cracked two poles holding his father house above the water…  Good thing they know how to fix them quickly 🙂